3 Types Of Personal Injury Cases

Suffering from an injury for any reason can cause many challenges in life. You may struggle to recover, and this can lead to financial loss and a great deal of emotional distress. It's possible to take legal action against the company or individual that contributed to this situation. This makes it ideal to be aware of the various types of personal injury claims you can file.

Type #1: Negligence

It's common for negligence to occur in many injury cases. This just means that another person or business failed to act rationally.

For instance, if you've been in an automobile accident with a drunken driver, this would be an example of negligence occurring. The driver acted irresponsibly, and this contributed to the accident happening.

Listed below are things that must be proven in a negligence case:

1.    Duty of care – There was an obligation and the party that was negligent to make the right decision to avoid harming another individual.

2.    Breach of duty – There was a risk of injury that wasn't acknowledged and this contributed to the accident.

3.    Direct case – Deliberate actions resulted in harm to another person.

4.    Harm – The person that endured the injury suffered a loss of finances.

Type #2: Intentional harm

If you're in a situation where another individual harmed you intentionally, this can be a good reason to pursue a legal claim. Of course, you will want to provide the right amount of proof to show your injuries, and this could mean showing photographs or medical records.

Intentional harm may occur in a variety of situations that include being in an abusive relationship. It's always important to remove yourself from domestic abuse as quickly as possible to avoid this case from happening.

Type #3: Strict liability

One of the things that may result in your injury is using a product that is defective.  This could contribute to severe injuries in a variety of situations.

If this happens to you, it's important to sue the company that created the defective product to work towards financially recovering.

The key to getting past a challenging time in life that was harmful may rest in pursuing legal action against the other party. Being aware of the type of case you have can always be helpful. Be sure to consult with a personal injury attorney today to help guide you through this legal process with ease!