Small Business Owners: Do You Need A Worker’s Compensation Attorney?

Owning your own business can be both a blessing and a curse. While you have the freedom to make your own judgment calls and determine how everything will operate, you also have to deal with all that comes with having and caring for employees. If an employee is hurt while working for you and he or she decides to file a worker's compensation claim, you will need to know what your next move should be. Even if your business is still growing, you may want to consider contacting worker's compensation attorneys for help with navigating the process. The following are some ways your attorney can help you:

Dealing With Appeals

If your employee was provided with a claim from your insurance company and did not agree with what he or she would receive, they can opt to appeal the decision. If this happens, your attorney will deal with the entire process. He or she will represent your business and help negotiate the claim.

Handle Rejected Benefits

The main reason why companies have worker's compensation benefits is to protect the business from being sued by an employee who gets hurt on the job. Once the employee accepts a worker's compensation claim, they will not be allowed to sue your business. However, they can also reject the claim and move forward with a lawsuit. Your attorney would be a huge asset in this situation.

Help You if You Have No Worker's Compensation Insurance

In just about every state, you have to have worker's compensation insurance under the law. If you have an employee that is injured while working for you and you have no insurance, you could face not only a lawsuit from the employee, but also from the government. Not having worker's compensation insurance is a violation of the law, and you will be in significant trouble. You would most definitely benefit from an attorney in this instance. He or she will help to negotiate the lowest settlement possible so that you can stay in business.

Dealing with any sort of legal matter involving your business can be an arduous process that you should not deal with alone. While it will cost you to hire an attorney, it is within your best interest to do so. One lawsuit could put you completely out of business. Your attorney will instead represent you and your interests so that you everyone involved will benefit.