Minor Collision With An Uninsured Motorist? 3 Things To Know

Even though nearly all states now require basic liability vehicle insurance by law, there are still millions of drivers who continue to drive without coverage. While some may have simply forgotten to pay their premium, more are likely to be deliberately manipulating the law by taking out the necessary coverage in order to register a car purchase or renew their license plates and then immediately allowing it to lapse afterward. This common problem can be both frustrating and financially devastating when law-abiding drivers who faithfully maintain proper insurance coverage on their cars are involved in a collision with the uninsured driver. 

Insist on an official police report

If the collision is a minor one and there are no apparent injuries, the uninsured driver may attempt to get you to waive the official police report by promising to pay you a cash amount for the damage. However, it's important to refuse the offer. Instead, insist on exchanging contact information, document the scene and damage with photos, and then wait for local law enforcement to make an official report. 

Immediately report the accident to your insurance company

The next thing you need to do is to immediately report the accident to your vehicle insurance provider. Part of the insurance premium you pay on your vehicle goes to providing you protection if involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist. By reporting the accident immediately, even if the damage is minimal, you are taking steps to help identify the uninsured driver and prevent them from continuing to drive without proper insurance. 

In many states, continuing to drive or being involved in an accident without proper insurance coverage can mean loss of future driving privileges and other legal and financial consequences meant to discourage this practice. Your insurance company will immediately pay to fix your vehicle and then they will attempt to collect that amount from the uninsured driver. 

Discuss the incident with an attorney

If the uninsured driver is not financially solvent, it will be difficult to succeed in getting reimbursement for the damage to your vehicle. If, however, they have assets or there are other extenuating circumstances, it may be worthwhile to consider suing them for personal injury. To learn more about personal injury lawsuits and your likelihood at successfully suing an uninsured driver in your state, take time to discuss the matter with a reputable personal injury attorney from a law firm like Curiel & Runion, PLC in your area.