Adverse Rulings On Your Workers’ Compensation Claim: How To Cope

If it's not bad enough to be hurt from a work injury, you may also find an adverse action letter in your mailbox one day. The workers' comp insurer for your employer can find a variety of minor issues with your claim and any one of them will put a stop to your ability to obtain benefits. The adverse rulings below can all be rectified if you know what to do. Read More 

When Should You Hire Worker’s Compensation Attorneys?

Do you know that you are entitled to worker's compensation if you get injured while in the line of duty? Most people take work-related injuries lightly, and they end up paying for their medical bills from their own pockets. But if they knew better, it would be easier for them to pursue justice and get their employers to cover medical bills and lost wages.  While you probably don't know how to pursue justice, worker's compensation lawyers can assist you. Read More 

Factors That Make Truck Accident Cases Particularly Serious

Any type of automobile accident can be a devastating experience for a person to go through. However, accidents that involve large commercial trucks can be particularly damaging and dangerous for a number of reasons. The Weight Of The Cargo Large commercial trucks are often carrying extremely heavy loads of cargo. This added weight can increase the force of impacts that the truck may have with other vehicles. Additionally, this weight can significantly reduce the ability of the truck to stop, which can lead to more damage during accidents as the truck may be unable to slow before impacting the other vehicle. Read More