Refusing Medical Treatment Can Hurt Your Car Accident Case

After a car accident, you might believe that you're not hurt or you might think that your injuries are not very severe. As a result, after contacting the police and having a police report filed, you might be tempted to simply go home and take an aspirin. However, this can be a very bad decision for many reasons. Your Injuries Might Be Very Serious Car accidents are often more serious than they initially seem. Read More 

How Does No-Fault Insurance Work If You Are Injured In A Car Accident?

Were you involved in a car accident that resulted in an injury, but your state has no-fault insurance laws? If so, you're likely wondering how this will play into a potential personal injury lawsuit.  No-Fault Insurance Protects People In The Insured Vehicle What makes no-fault insurance unique is that it is designed to protect people that are in the insured vehicle, regardless of who caused the accident. This means that you use your own insurance rather than the other driver's insurance to pay for your injuries and other damages. Read More