3 Legal Tips For Victims Of Motorcycle Accidents

Being hit by a car while riding your motorcycle is terrifying, and the aftermath is difficult. You most likely experienced significant injuries, not to mention serious damage to your motorcycle. When the driver of a car is at fault in your motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to a settlement to help recover the cost of your medical injuries, lost wages, and other expenses. Here are a few legal tips for navigating this situation:

Hire an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If your situation is appropriate for a lawsuit, you will need to file a civil personal injury claim against the person who hit you. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will evaluate your unique case and let you know if a lawsuit is a logical step to take. They will also help estimate the settlement you may be entitled to, so you know what to expect.

Instead of hiring an attorney with a general practice, this situation calls for a personal injury attorney with experience representing those injured in motorcycle accidents. They will gather evidence, file the pleadings on your behalf, negotiate with the defendant, and represent you at every stage.

Do Not Accept an Insurance Settlement

Once you accept a settlement check from the driver's insurance company, you are most likely ineligible to file a lawsuit or collect any additional funds. This is important because insurance company offers are often too low to actually cover your medical bills and other expenses.

Since motorcycle accidents often involve serious injuries that may require surgeries, long-term physical therapy, and medication, it's best to work with a lawyer and attempt to get the maximum amount of money possible.

Lock Down Your Social Media Profiles

Before you ever file your lawsuit, it is a good idea to lock down or even delete your social media profiles. Social media posts and information can be used as court evidence, and this can possibly damage our case.

For example, let's say the opposing counsel found photos of you on Instagram riding your motorcycle without a helmet or otherwise appearing to not take safety precautions on your motorcycle. Even if you wore your helmet on the day of your accident, these photos could be used to spark doubt over your reliability and safe riding habits.

By working with a law office like The Jaklitsch Law Group and by following these tips, you will make the best of a very difficult situation and improve your chances of a fair cash settlement.