Auto Accidents Do Not Always Equal Death: Repercussions Of Attempted Vehicular Suicide

You hear these stories all the time about how people think they can attempt a quick suicide via their vehicles in an accident. They thought they had it all figured out, not realizing that vehicular suicides never turn out the way you expect. There are far too many random factors at play that can change the outcome of your attempted suicide via car accident. There are as many random factors as there are negative repercussions. Let's take a look.

You Injure or Kill Other People

A car accident frequently involves hitting other cars and trucks. Even if you try to drive in front of a semi truck (which can drive through anything else on the road), you do not know how the truck driver will respond. Will he or she attempt to drive through your vehicle? Probably not; in most cases a truck driver tries to avoid an accident, but the semi truck will always end up hitting someone else. Now you not only have a failed suicide attempt, but you caused someone else's injuries or death. They, as well as the semi driver, can sue you for the damages, pain and suffering you caused.

You Are Interred in a Mental Health Hospital

During the course of the police investigation of the accident, your attempted suicide may come to light.  If that happens, you may avoid a trial for any deaths your attempt caused, but then you will be interred in a mental health facility or hospital for a very long time to come. Considering that your personal freedom will be taken away while you are under constant surveillance watch to prevent another suicide attempt, there is a lot here in this situation that is definitely not positive. At best, the facility/hospital prevents further attempts on your own life, but at worst, you remain incarcerated there as one who is a threat and a danger to self and others for the rest of your natural life.

You Do Not Die, but You End up in a Coma or Vegetative State

Ending up in a coma or vegetative state is worse than death. Life support keeps you alive, but you become a burden on your family. Worse still, the family you leave behind--a spouse and kids-- have to pay for lawyers to prevent paying the lawsuits against you. Sure, your spouse can hire a great auto accident attorney for legal defense, but even if he/she wins, he/she still loses because he/she has to take care of you for the rest of your life. Visit a site like for more help.