Refusing Medical Treatment Can Hurt Your Car Accident Case

After a car accident, you might believe that you're not hurt or you might think that your injuries are not very severe. As a result, after contacting the police and having a police report filed, you might be tempted to simply go home and take an aspirin. However, this can be a very bad decision for many reasons.

Your Injuries Might Be Very Serious

Car accidents are often more serious than they initially seem. The process of getting into a car accident can lead to a rush of adrenaline that can mask the pain. Also, some injuries are simply more serious than they might initially seem.

You Can More Easily Prove Your Case

Receiving medical treatment will also help both you and your auto accident lawyer as you seek compensation for your injuries. If your injuries seem to be more severe than you previously thought, the insurance provider might be less willing to offer you a larger settlement because they will argue that you must not have been injured very badly.

Even if you do not see a doctor immediately after the accident, seeing a doctor will only help you. A doctor might still be able to connect your injuries to the accident and your car accident lawyer might then be able to negotiate a settlement. 

You Must Participate in the Required Treatments

After you have visited your doctor, you may be asked to participate in a series of treatments that are meant to increase your odds of recovering. During this time, you will not want to accept a settlement too quickly because it might not cover the full extent of your medical expenses. 

Instead, you will want to wait until you have reached a state of maximum medical improvement. Then, your car accident attorney will have a clearer picture of how expensive your medical bills will end up being.

Reach the Right Settlement Figure

Even if you anticipate more medical expenses in the future, you will be able to receive compensation for future medical bills. This is something your attorney will fight for because the insurance provider will want to only pay for your current medical bills.

You will also be entitled to compensation for lost wages and for a lifetime of earnings. Once you have agreed to a settlement, you will not be allowed to receive another settlement. Therefore, it's important to reach the right settlement figure the first time.

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