Serious Accident? Time To Get Serious About Your Case

As any accident victim will tell you, almost any kind of vehicle accident can cause serious problems. However, when the injuries are particularly devastating, every aspect of the case becomes magnified. The other driver that caused the accident may owe you more than basic compensation. To find out how different a serious accident case can be from a typical case, read below.

What Are Serious Injuries?

It can be confusing to separate serious injuries from those many victims are prone to deal with. In most cases, a serious accident means that the victim's physical injuries required more than a few days of hospitalization. It often involves several surgeries to make things right and the victim may be looking at several months of recuperation. Accidents at this level may also affect a victim's ability to go back to work, create hardships for the victim's family, and may result in permanent injuries.

The Other Side Will Contact You

The other driver's insurer may call upon you soon after the accident to offer you a settlement. They realize that their client caused your injuries and how serious they could turn out to be. However, no one can know at this time how much compensation you should be paid for your accident damages. Do yourself a favor and don't speak to the other side about your accident settlement. You might not realize that you can be paid so much more than they are offering you.

Don't Agree to Releases

The insurer may also ask you to sign a release that gives them access to your medical records. While many victims believe that this request is just routine, it's not. The insurer is attempting to decrease the amount of compensation you are owed by questioning a preexisting condition. If they find anything in your records, expect them to use it to chop away at what you are owed for your medical expenses. Never sign a release of any type after a car accident.

Future Medical Treatment Costs

You may well end up agreeing to a settlement at some point, but you must include future medical expenses before you do so. Speak to a car accident lawyer and they can determine how much you will need in the future to deal with your injuries. Once you sign the settlement, it could be too late to add those money damages to the settlement.

A car accident lawyer is a must when your accident is serious. They won't allow the other side to take advantage of you and they will negotiate to get you paid.