How To Get Justice After Sustaining Severe Injuries In A Truck Crash Caused By Bad Weather

Vehicles become susceptible to collisions during inclement weather. Usually, this happens when tires lose grip on the road, making a car slide and collide with the oncoming ones. If such an accident involves a truck, the situation can be tragic since the truck's large size and weight makes it hard to control in an emergency. Victims of a truck wreck often sustain life-threatening injuries that require comprehensive treatment. Luckily, you don't have to pay for the costly treatment out of your pocket since the wrongdoer's insurance firm can compensate you. They will also cater to the repair of your wrecked vehicle. You should learn a few facts before starting the compensation pursuit journey. Read on.  

The Laws That Govern Driving in Bad Weather

Truckers should follow safety rules when driving in hazardous weather conditions. For example, they should exercise extreme caution to prevent the semis from losing control. On the same breadth, they should reduce the vehicle's speed to ensure better control. Doing so prevents accidents that might injure them and other road users. 

Aside from that, the law instructs truckers to discontinue driving when the weather becomes extremely dangerous. They should only continue driving when they can safely navigate their big rigs. In this case, the trucker should drive to the nearest point where their safety is assured. A trucker who ignores these measures should face the law if they collide with another vehicle. As a victim in such a situation, enlist the help of a truck accident attorney and sue the trucker and their company. 

Parties That May be Liable for Your Losses

There may be several wrongdoers in your claim. Of course, the trucker is the primary culprit. For instance, you can sue them for driving too fast in an unfavorable condition. Additionally, driving in poor weather while endangering their lives and other road users is an offense. On the other hand, the trucking company may be liable for failing to train the truck driver to navigate their semis on slippery or snow-packed roads.

If the company disputes this claim, your attorney will request documents confirming that the trucker has completed the necessary training. Furthermore, they will thoroughly investigate the case and collect as much evidence as possible. For example, they can use the truck's event data recorder to determine the speed the trucker was driving at during the collision. They'll also get eyewitness statements and video surveillance footage to prove that the truck driver was negligent.

You are entitled to compensation if you're injured in a weather-related collision. But first, consult a truck wreck lawyer to determine whether you have a genuine case. If so, they will undertake a comprehensive investigation to determine the responsible parties and bring them to book.

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