Working With An Attorney After Auto Accident Injuries

After an auto accident, it is important to speak with an attorney if you have suffered any losses. When you meet with an auto accident lawyer in an initial consultation, it is useful to bring all the proof you can to the meeting. The attorney will want to be able to assess your case, and this is best done with medical records, accident reports, and witness statements from the accident. When your injuries are serious, you will want to work with an attorney who understands the complexities of auto injury cases. 

If Your Injuries are Significant

You may need long-term financial support because you can no longer work, but you will have to prove the extent of your injuries. This is done by working closely with your treatment providers, and never missing any of your appointments. You must be clear with your doctors when new symptoms come up and follow through with any recommendations that may help you heal. Your medical records will become part of your legal claim, and it is your treatment team that will be able to prove how serious your injuries are. Keep records of all of your treatment, and send copies to your attorney.

Gather Evidence About the Accident

You may forget what happened in the accident after some time. Write down what happened from your point of view. Gather any accident reports or witness statements to provide a clear picture of how the accident occurred. If you have injuries, take pictures of your injuries throughout the healing process. When possible, go to the scene of the accident to take pictures. Anything you can remember about the accident may be helpful to your lawyer. Explain the road conditions if you can, and what the weather was like.

Stay Consistent With Your Story

When you are filing a claim for auto accident injuries, pay attention to what you say to anyone involved. Make sure that your story is consistent, and look over the accident report to make sure it is accurate. You want to be sure that there is a clear account of the accident, and that your story explains what occurred.

Work with an auto accident attorney to get the compensation you deserve after an auto accident. When you are permanently disabled, this is taken into consideration when looking over your final damages. Be mindful of what you tell others, and be ready by collecting your records. For more information, contact an auto accident attorney near you.