The Benefits Of Hiring An Attorney To File And Pursue No Fault Claims

When you are in a car wreck involving other drivers, you may find yourself the target of unwarranted legal action. The other drivers may try to sue you for their damages when, in fact, the blame for what happened lies directly with them.

Still, you may want to recoup compensation you are legally entitled to as a victim and get closure to move on with your life. You may protect yourself fully and get the fast compensation and closure you prefer when you hire an attorney to file and pursue no fault claims for you.

Car Repairs Compensation

When you can prove another driver was to blame for what happened, you may want to file no fault claims to pursue and get back money you are entitled to for repairs to your car. The other driver may want to fight on having their own insurer pay you for your no fault claims. The insurance agent may take the side of the other driver and try to deny your claim.

However, your no fault claims attorney can pursue the claim and recover money you are owed for you. You may avoid having to pay for any of your car repairs out of your own pocket. You alternatively may receive a check to repay you for any repairs for which you have already paid.

Medical Compensation

Further, your attorney can also file no fault claims for you to recover medical expenses stemming from the wreck. Your own health insurer may refuse to pay for all, if any, of your medical costs if another person is legally liable for them. You may need to file several no fault claims with the responsible insurer to make sure all of your medical bills are paid for in full.

Your attorney can pursue those claims and keep pressure on the insurer to get the medical providers paid in a timely manner. You may avoid having to bear any of the financial burden that can come with having to get medical attention after the car wreck.

Lost Income

Finally, no fault claims can extend to paying you for any lost income you suffered because of the wreck. You may receive most or all of the money you lost because you could not return to work right away after the car accident.

A no fault claims attorney can file and pursue claims on your behalf after a car wreck. You may get compensation for expenses like car repairs, medical bills and lost income stemming directly from the vehicle accident. Learn more about no fault claims by contacting a professional attorney near you.