What You’ll Need To Settle Your Car Accident Claim

The process of settling a car accident claim can seem confusing the first time around. Knowing what stages to expect and how long they might take will help you cope with the process. Here is what you will need in order to settle your car accident claim.  A Car Accident Attorney While a car accident attorney is technically optional, it is highly advisable to get one if you have an injury. Read More 

Injuries That May Result From Rear End Collisions

When you are rear-ended by another driver, more than likely the other driver is at fault. A rear-end accident occurs when one driver's vehicle strikes the back end of another motorist's automobile.  Rear-end collisions can result in serious injuries. The occupants of the vehicle that is struck from behind are thrust forward by the force of the collision before being whipped back into position. Here are several injuries that may result from a rear-end collision. Read More 

3 Legal Tips For Victims Of Motorcycle Accidents

Being hit by a car while riding your motorcycle is terrifying, and the aftermath is difficult. You most likely experienced significant injuries, not to mention serious damage to your motorcycle. When the driver of a car is at fault in your motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to a settlement to help recover the cost of your medical injuries, lost wages, and other expenses. Here are a few legal tips for navigating this situation: Read More 

Is It True You Must Wait To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

People who apply for Social Security disability benefits think they'll start receiving payments as soon as their case is approved. Unfortunately, this is not true. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has implemented a waiting period for payments that apply to everyone across the board. Here's why that is and what you can do for money in the meantime: Screens Short-Term Disabilities The SSA will not disburse payments to eligible disability recipients until five months after the person's application has been approved. Read More 

Knowing What You Are Up Against

When it comes to personal injury suits, the entire process can seem like complex and confusing puzzle for victims dealing with injuries. While your confidence in your personal injury attorney is well-placed, you may find it much easier to deal with your claim if you understand some of the more challenging issues. In your quest for justice, you will encounter the give and take of the legal system first-hand, and the other side can be expected to mount a vigorous defense against your claims of injury. Read More